Applied Protection provides professional security services to all industries and sectors in Singapore. Our Security Officers are qualified in security services and customer care

Licensed Security 

We only provide licensed from PLRD and trained security personnel 

Access Control

Using technology to complement and enhance human guarding service


We have our own in-house technicians to setup CCTV for our clients

Vehicle Mgmt System

We collaborate with our partners to have vehicle number plate recognition.

Facial recognition 

Facial recognition systems in access control and in monitoring.

System Integration

We are able to integrate to your current systems with minimal effort

Artificial Intelligence 

Cameras and Recorders with Artificial Intelligence functionalities are available

Command Room

We have a dedicated Command Room to monitor all sites

Remote Monitoring

Remote viewing of our CCTV systems via the command room

Visitor Mgmt System

Visitors can register via tablets and apps for entry into a site

Incident Management

All incidence are captured in real-time via the cloud